Trainer Genie Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is a commitment to the privacy of the information which is gathered and is shown for the users. While registering with us you can read our privacy policy. If you do not agree with us you cannot use our site for searching trainers.

What information do we collect?

The moment you register with us with the details been asked for the same, we gather your information. Following are the points we gather:

» Name and contact information (phone number and e- mail id)
» Banking account details for the payment
» Any other information which we get from you through chats or any kind of correspondence
» Sometimes we also ask for the identification proof for the authentication

How do we store your information?

We use various safeguard systems to make sure that your information is not lost, misused or get any kind of access which is unauthorized. Few safeguards to name are data encryption, firewall, authorisation and access controls for the data/ information access. We get the perfect control of the information by saving it on our servers and giving when to the right people. The basic information of the trainer will be provided so that you can contact them for assistance. Similarly your basic information will be there with the trainer. Hence there will not be any data which can be misused under our guidelines of the privacy.

How do we use your information?

We follow a very simple way to keep the access of information safe and sound. Following are the ways we use the information.

» For any kind of bank transactions you share with us the details which are not shared with anyone. No third party will receive your details as our server safeguards are good enough to keep only two ways processing between you and us.
» Other communications: for verification of the information we send you the verification code on the registered e- mail Id and the phone number. Once verified we make sure that all the communications happens through the same e- mail and SMS only. Any kind of trainer related details you were searching or looking for the answer/ reply from any of the trainer will be provided to you in the same way. In this way the information will be safe. If you have changed your e- mail or the phone number, you can request for the change. At a time any one communication channel will be changed. While you are unregistering yourself we make sure that the data shared by you is deleted from our servers once you delete your account from our website.

Sharing your information

There are times when your information will be shared. Following are the points you should know when exactly your information can be shared by us.

» We retain the policy of not giving your information to any of the third party. But in accordance to any kind of laws and regulations, we will disclose your personal information to respond to any kind of legal requirement. The legal requirement can be with reference to the violation of the policy or in reference to protecting anyone’s rights and safety.
» A little of your information will be disclosed when we talk about our clients and trainers. We might want to give the details of the clients who used our portal to search trainers for specific fields. But no one can use that information against you because everything will be under regulations.
» While advertising we may share a little of the data within the policy of sharing so that the search engine of our portal easily can search the trainer from various locations.