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The best part of jumping on to the IT bandwagon is: There are always going to be plenty of possibilities for a person whether s/he starts from a diploma level or a full-fledged engineering degree. To list down explicitly (in order of priority: top-down) for a fresher, here are some of the best technical course options that IT Companies hunt for in India and abroad:

JAVA/J2EE & Its Frameworks (Struts, Spring, Hibernate) : -

The most widely used technology by almost all the esteemed companies across domains (Banking, Telecom, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Aviation, Academia, Retail & Consumer products) around the world is nothing but Java. And when it comes to what exactly you will have to learn, Java continues to be an unending ocean where you should focus on strengthening your core part of it as much as possible. Aspirants normally get carried away with the charm of JSP & Servlets, but that kills you like sweet poison in the long run. Here is what ‘all’ you ‘must’ cover while opting for a Java course:

DBA (Oracle, DB2, MySql, SQL Server) : -

In a highly unpredictable and dynamic Software/IT industry, the one course which you can rely on for a stable career is Database Administration (DBA). DBA is all about creating, managing and maintaining huge data files; and from the several database flavours available in the market, Oracle can be your best bet. Others are popular, but once you are through with Oracle, the ones like MySql and DB2 can be easily learned later on in a much shorter period.

System Administration (Red Hat, Solaris, UNIX, VMware) : -

For the ones who are fond of installation and computer administration activities like User Management, system security, risk management, package installations – System administration can be an enchanting choice. As with CISCO technologies, system administration is also popular as a course among non-IT aspirants. You need to have done 10+2 or valid diploma/graduation (IT or non-IT) to start with this course and then appear for the certification exams.

Cloud Computing : -

The biggest buzz in the IT town is all about the Cloud! We’re already using many cloud-based services such as from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, HP, and others. It’s all about the “On-demand self-service “ model which allows users to obtain, configure and deploy cloud services themselves using cloud service catalogs, without requiring the assistance of IT. Traditionally, people and corporates would buy software and install it on their computers for use. With the advent of the Internet, all sorts of programs became available on a ‘Cloud’ – which is a word used to describe the network formed by the Internet.
Cloud computing customers do not own the servers and other physical infrastructure that stores these programs. Instead, they rent the programs – or the usage of the programs – from a service provider/ supplier. This helps save resources since the customer pays only for the resources that he or she uses.
Note of Vigilance: The cloud courses are many, and the Indian software industry is no better than a newbie in this cloud, so before opting for a course available here, its content should be thoroughly analysed. The demand though will only continue to rise.

Microsoft Technologies : -

Microsoft has diversified technology offerings for IT aspirants ranging from web/desktop based application development with .NET to the Desktop/Data/Server administration and even the cloud platforms viz. Azure as discussed under Cloud Computing courses. .NET is often thought of as a direct rival to JAVA, but with time both have matured enough to find their own space in the worldwide software industry. .NET continues to enjoy being the most popular solution for desktop-based software applications and for the lighter web applications (which don’t have stringent security demands)

Mobile SDKs (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) : -

The growth in the mobile sector is celebrated by all of us. So a possible career in mobile application development proves to be a perfect infatuation (even for experienced software engineers). You have limited options in terms of platforms to choose from viz. iPhone, Android, Blackberry (not recommended as a safe career option with all due respect), and the newbie Windows Phone.

Animation & Graphics : -

The animation industry is already on a high around the world and is catching fire in the Indian market too. All the animation movies (2D/3D), cartoons, and noticeable high-end graphics you watch over an LCD/LED/TFT or a big giant theatre screen are a product of the Animation & Graphics sector. Though in India, the growth in this animation domain has been relatively very slow, still it’s enough to excite an aspirant. Nowadays, graduations and diplomas in multimedia are increasing in popularity in India and do remember that a valid regular degree is always a big plus to boost your profile and enhance the growth probability, irrespective of the course you opt for.

SQT (Software Quality Testing) : -

A career option often unknown (or mostly unpopular/ignored) to an industry fresher is Software Testing. While the truth of any medium or large scale project is that it’s incomplete without the Testing teams. An untested application is always the most dangerous one and suspected to fail in the longer run. Testing is a process used to help identify the correctness, completeness, and quality of developed computer software. With that in mind, testing can never completely establish the correctness of computer software. Testing helps in verifying and validating if the software is working as it is intended to be working. This involves using static and dynamic methodologies to test the application.

Other Language Courses (PHP, Ruby/Perl/Python) : -

Lightweight web applications (or more famously dubbed as websites) need easier to learn and less complex languages and that is where languages like PHP and Ruby come to help. PHP considered sometimes a direct rival to ASP.NET, has an advantage of easy coupling with MySql environment and you can easily find a cheaper web host over the internet offering PHP + MySql as the hosting option.

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